3 things to remember when selling your property

Needless to say, selling a property (especially one you’ve been staying in for a long time) can be one of the most tiresome and time consuming thing to do. While there’s no definitive guide to selling your home, here are a few things that you should avoid so you can get the best price on your home, and move on to the next adventure in your life.

Home Staging


This is very important and often overlook by many people and it is also one of the crucial step in getting your property to sold. Remember how you went out on your very first date – Putting on your very best form and ensuring you don’t screw up that very day. Staging your home for sale is very much like it.

This doesn’t just mean a clean up of your home is needed, you will also need to discard or put away things that are causing the clutter in your home. It can include your comprehensive list of every Hello Kitty model released by McDonald’s and that very personal favourite picture of you and your best friend. Remember, the less cluttered your home is, the more spacious it appears to be in your buyer’s eye, so do your best to purge your home of any personal or unnecessary items.

Bonus points if you can store them outside of the home, rather than jam them into your closets – doing this makes your closets look smaller and might turn away potential buyers. Staging your home also means presenting the buyer with a clean slate. No matter how great you personally find 70s bohemian chic to be, your buyer may not. So try to keep your home as neutral as possible, so the buyer can imagine for themselves how they want the home to be.

Ensure your home is properly maintained!

Remember to take a good look in your property and ensure that it is in a good state. Carry out any defects and repair before you show the home. A simple thing like a loose wardrobe door or a broken wall tile might not seem like much, but in a competitive market today, it can easily be a deal breaker to any potential buyer.

Remember to do it right – the worst thing you could do is to try and hide the defect as well. While convenient for you, if uncovered it can undermine the trust between you and the buyer, and leave him wondering what else is wrong with the house that they just haven’t caught.

Consider hiring a professional real estate agent

Doing this can potentially save you all your time and money when it comes to advertisement and negotiation. You should not see hiring a property agent as a mean to diminish your profits from your sale – Instead do bear in mind that a home sale can take upwards of 6 months, during which time you’ll have to field questions from potential buyers, arrange and be present for viewings, as well as take care of the paperwork for the sale once it eventually happens.

A home sale is almost akin to having a part-time job on the side, so if your schedule is too full to accommodate this, you should seriously consider hiring an agent to represent you. Otherwise, a lapse in communications between you and potential buyers, or not being available at a convenient time for them, might mean you lose out on a potential sale.

The other upside to having an agent is having someone else deal with the awkwardness of negotiating for you!

Selling a home is stressful, but here’s hoping these tips can make your life just a little bit easier.
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